Media Teknik Sipil, Vol 7, No 1 (2007)

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Kekakuan Kolom Baja Tersusun Empat Profil Siku dengan Variasi Pelat Kopel

Achmad Basuki


Steel has advantages such as high strength to weight ratio that lead to efficient cross section which is frequently encourage designer to create built-up structure. Built-up column steel structure also can be formed by various profile. However the column subjected to compression load will occur buckling which is related to element stiffness of structure. An element which has low stiffness is easier to buckle than element with high stiffness. The objective of this research is to characterize stiffness of built up column. Research is performed in laboratory by compression test of built up steel column to obtain its deflection value. Stiffness is calculated from division between capacities compression by its deflection value. This research hasĀ  9 samples test with couple distance variation are 50 cm, 33.3333 cm, respectively and 1 distance variation of column is couple plate type. SK SNI-03-1729-2002 code is used for analysis. Result shows that stiffness of built up steel column with couple plate distance 50 cm is 1617.6 kg/mm, column with different distance couple plate 33.333 cm is 5597.1 kg/mm, column with distance couple plate is 2571,4 kg/mm. Result of test show that stiffness of built up steel column increase by cutting short distance of couple plate.

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